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A Name You Can Count On

Patty Cummings, inventor, creator of Astro-Durance Bungee Systems & Bungee Workout. We are the original name in Bungee Fitness. We take pride in our product that Patty Cummings developed in 2016 which went world wide in 2017. Patty has continued on upgrading and redefining quality in the industry with her manufacturing partners on AD Bungee Workout Equipment. By professional training and top-notch equipment, we can lead others to success. Our mission is to provide gyms and studios around the world with quality training and the best equipment.

Why Go With Astro-Durance Training?

Astro-Durance Bungee training includes basic, intermediate, advanced bungee movements and an overview of how to work with physical limitations. You will learn the major physical properties of Astro-Durance and its impact on your cardio, lymph (circulatory system), muscular forces, strength, endurance, core, weight loss, flexibility, and balance.

Learn how to do a proper physical assessment on your client with a hands-on, step-by-step walk-through. Client Health History Form and what you need to do and know before you EVER put the client on the bungee.

The One-day workshop includes class time and hands-on education covering the Basic Bungee Movement. As well as step by step “how-to” assess client fitness level, get their bungee on and perform one on one.

The AD Workshop certification is for the Astro-Durance Bungee system ONLY.

Do you want to add AD Bungee Fitness to your gym, studio, camp, resort, or medical facility, we can help. You will need to know the do’s and don’ts to use it properly; physical assessment of the client; how it affects the body, the limitations of the product; protocols; Procedures; urgency, and safety factors.

Our Bungee Philosophy

The four basic tenets of a successful business are having a great product or service, a viable concept, enthusiastic competent people, and a good location. Two or more out of four can prove successful, but when you combine the four with the other benefits of owning an AstroDurance Bungee studio, you’re embarking on an even more spectacular undertaking. We know that we have a viable concept of providing impeccable service in times of high demand, steady cash flow, recurring business, low startup costs, low costs, training programs excellence, package contract system, and suitable target market. It equates to success for the right, enthusiastic and qualified people.

AstroDurance, LLC is here to help you focus on the four basics by offering a great product, training workshops, bungee certification, and mentoring programs to ensure all the tools are available so you can succeed in your AstroDurance Bungee business. Astro Durance has an amazingly workable concept that quickly achieves excellent results.

What’s included in our workshop training:

  • Forms and Documents
  • AD manual volume 2
  • Assessing your client
  • Equipment
  • Understanding the anatomy
  • Install hanger and hooking up
  • Product knowledge
  • Setting up your bungee arena
  • How to create profit gain
  • Supplements / Nutrition
  • Certification
  • Results and Expectations
  • Learning basic, intermediate and advanced training
  • Learning partner and group training
  • How to train a client with physical limitations
  • How to set up a class.
  • Do’s and Don’ts of bungee fitness
  • Safety
  • Emergency protocols

What to wear for AD Bungee Workshop Certification?

  • Wear yoga pants. Please no shorts, we want you to be comfortable you will be in a harness most of the day.
  • Wear a t-shirt or tank top include a good sports bra for underneath your shirt.
  • Bring a hair tie to pull hair back
  • Bring a hand towel
  • Good pair of workout shoes
  • No jewelry but wedding ring and watch are fine
  • Bring your phone if you would like to capture your own footage on film.

Official Workshops

Patty Cummings – Astro-Durance Cape Coral, FL

Brand Ambassador’s Workshops

Christal McNair | Studio Bungee – Marietta, Ga

Affiliate Workshops

No refunds or returns will be given. If you are unable to make the current training event we will allow you to use this purchase within one year. Dates in which we have spots available can be provided. Please email us info@astrodurance.com