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Q. How long has bungee been around?

A. Bungee Acrobatics and dancing has been around for decades. But nothing was available for everyday people that held you in a harness for exercise and fitness until Patty Cummings invented Astro-Durance Bungee Fitness in 2016.

Q. Who started Bungee Fitness?

A. Patty L. Cummings invented Bungee Fitness in 2016, that’s when Astro-Durance Bungee Fitness was born. In 2017 Patty opened her manufacturing and training facility- AstroDurance Bungee Systems. Many not only lined up but flew in across the world to try bungee fitness.

Q. Can I do bungee fitness work out with pain in my knee?

A. Yes. Astro-Durance was designed to help people with bad knees and other physical issues to exercise and for rehabilitation.

Q. Can I do bungee fitness with a bad back?

A. Yes. Astro-Durance helps people with back issues to be able to stretch in correct alignment with the spine and perform exercises, and is used by many chiropractic facilities. Many people have found relief in just one session with sore back and other issues.

Q. Can I do bungee fitness while Im pregnant?

A. Its possible, the inventor Patty cummings Daughter was a test study when she was in her first two terms of pregnancy and we took it slow with stretching and some soft jogging and she did great! BUT always consult with a Dr. first.

Q. Can children do bungee fitness?

A. Yes! Children need exercise and Astro-Durance gives them a full, fun workout!

Q. Can you be old and work out. Is there an age limit?

A. Astro-Durance has had clients as old as 93 years of age train with much success and improved mobility on Astro-Durance.

Q. I have asthma is it ok for me to use bungee fitness?

A. Astro-Durance has been used on many clients with asthma and they have had no issues. For precautions and safety, any client with asthma should consult with their doctor before trying any new exercise program, including bungee training. As a safety precaution Astro-Durance policy is that all clients with asthma must have their inhaler with them at all times, when doing bungee services.

Q. I had a stroke, can I use Bungee Fitness?

A. Yes. Astro-Durance helps improve flexibility, balance, and offers the person total body support. Many clients have found that Astro-Durance exercise on the bungee has helped them to regain motor skills faster and even helped improve cognitive skills.

Q. I am an amputee with one leg, can I use Bungee Fitness?

A. Yes. Astro-Durance has helped many amputee clients to have a total workout. The bungee and harness support allows them to move fluidly while supporting their total body weight evenly.

Q. I have an autoimmune disease “cerebral palsy” Can I do bungee fitness?

A. Yes. Astro-Durance has special harness hook up and bungee support techniques to help those with cerebral palsy to increase blood and lymphatic flow and get their body moving to stretch muscles and help improve cognitive skills and muscle coordination.

Q. I weigh 300 pounds, can I do Bungee fitness?

A. Yes. Astro-Durance exercise burns fat fast. FIT monitors have shown that the average person gets into brown fat burn fast within a minute and revs the blood and lymphatic system to keep the metabolism moving for the next 24 hours.

Q. Will this help my sciatic nerve issue?

A. Yes. Astro-Durance helps with sciatic nerve issues and many have found relief to be long lasting.

Q. Can I do boxing, martial arts, and acrobats with bungee fitness?

A. Yes. Astro-Durance offers flexibility in workout styles from practicing martial arts moves, kicking a punching bag, boxing, standing on your head, or doing summer saults…you will find there are a variety of different workout movements and techniques you can do in your bungee workout.

Q. Will this help me with neuropathy?

A. Yes. Many Astro-Durance clients who suffer from neuropathy have had much relief and some have even reversed their conditions all together.

 Q. How can I open up an Astro-Durance Bungee Studio?

A. To find out how to open and Astro-Durance Bungee Studio of your own, call 239-574- 4291 or visit our website at astrodurancebungeestudio.com

Q. Who do I contact if interested in having my own bungee studio?

A. Contact Patty Cummings at Astro-Durance Bungee Studio 239-574-4291

Q. How long are the bungee Fitness workouts?

A. Astro-Durance workout private sessions are 30 minutes and group classes generally go 40 minutes to an hour, depending on the type of workout.

Q. How soon will I see results with bungee fitness?

A. Most everyone feels some benefit in their first session. However Astro-Durance Bungee Fitness is a progressive training program and depending on your fitness level and physical condition and number of times you exercise regularly will determine how fast you progress and reach your fitness goals. As all things results vary depending on the person.

Q. Can I do yoga on bungee fitness?

A. Yes. Yoga and the bungee are a great combination. Whether you are stretching out at a 45% angle and applying deep breathing techniques or gliding into a session and stretching out in creative, yoga movements everything is more enlightened on the Astro-Durance bungee.

Q. I’m an athlete will I benefit with bungee fitness?

A. Yes. Astro-Durance is used by professional sports teams and Olympic competitors. The G-Force movements are par excellent in getting every muscle in the body honed for competition in sports performance from increased speed, agility, endurance, cardio, stamina, strength, core building, flexibility and balance, to hand – eye and body coordination.

Q. Is bungee fitness good for a cardio workout?

A. Yes. Astro-Durance offers extreme cardio workouts that gets the blood rushing to the brain in minutes and in seconds for those who are into more aggressive workouts for higher fitness levels.

Q. How do I find a bungee fitness studio near me?

A. Visit the Astro-Durance Bungee Studio’s locations page and follow the directions to find the nearest AD Studio in your area.

Q. Do I bring water with me during classes?

A. Yes. It is important to stay hydrated, so when working out on the bungee you will want to drink water in between your exercise sets.

Q. What should I wear for a bungee workout?

A. To work out on the Astro-Durance bungee you want to wear clothes that are comfortable and stretch and do not constrict your movement. You also want to avoid any loose flopping clothing that could get tangled in a bungee cord.

Q. Should I bring a hand towel for classes?

A. Yes. Depending on your workout routine with Astro-Durance you may work up a sweat. So, for your comfort, and to ensure you don’t drip onto the floor creating slick spots, we suggest for clients to bring a hand towel.

Q. What kind of shoes should I wear during classes?

A. Wear a good workout shoe with rubber soles. It is important to have a good rubber sole grip to avoid slipping and for support upon landing during bungee routines.

Q. Can I go barefoot?

A. We recommend wearing athletic shoes at all times, however, there may be times, depending on the type of training you are doing, where you are allowed to go barefoot.

Q. Is bungee fitness safe?

A. Yes, Astro-Durance Bungee fitness is a safe and effective form of exercise as long as you follow instructions.

Q. Can I book a private session?

A. Yes. Private sessions at Astro-Durance are considered one on one with a personal trainer. Private session appointments are welcomed.

Q. How do I book a private fitness party?

A. Many people love to gather their friends together and have a Astro-Durance Bungee Exercise Party. To schedule a party for your friends or work group, just call the Studio and book a day and time that works for you.

Q. Do I have to be present while my child or children in a class?

A. Yes. Astro-Durance policy is to have all minors accompanied by a parent or adult guardian while they are doing their bungee training.

Q. Do I have to be in shape?

A. No. Astro-Durance is designed to help even the most out of shape couch potato get in a good exercise and have fun doing it. It’s all about getting your bungee on…moving and having fun doing it with no pressure on the joints! Everyone smiles on a bungee!

Q. Do I have to sign a waiver?

A. Yes. All Astro-Durance clients sign a waiver and release before getting on the bungee.

Q. Can I get a free consultation for classes?

A. Yes. Astro-Durance welcomes all who are interesting in the Bungee Fitness style of exercise to have a free consultation.

Q. Can I bring a friend to bungee workout class?

A. Yes. A lot of clients ask their friends to come with them to their Astro-Durance exercise group training classes and we also have special offer partner packages where two can work out together at the same time with a personal trainer. This works great for best friends and spouses.

Q. Can I film during bungee workout class?

A. Yes. You are allowed to film your own personal workout. Should you want to video a group, you will be required to have any person in the video you are filming to sign a permission form granting use of their person in your video.

Q. Can I fly on bungee fitness?

A. Yes. Astro-Durance is all about doing exercise movements that you can’t normally do on your own! The bungee allows most people to experience the fun of being able to fly. Your trainer will show you how to work your way up to that level.

Q. Can I weight train with bungee fitness?

A. Yes. Astro-Durance also has exercise sets that involve weights and even obstacle courses!