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Who Invented Bungee Fitness?

Patty L. Cummings invented Bungee Fitness in 2016, that’s when Astro-Durance Bungee Fitness was born. In 2017 Patty opened her manufacturing and training facility- AstroDurance Bungee Systems. Many not only lined up but flew in across the world to try bungee fitness.

How long has bungee been around?

Bungee Acrobatics and dancing has been around for decades. But nothing was available for everyday people that held you in a harness for exercise and fitness until Patty Cummings invented Astro-Durance Bungee Fitness in 2016.

Can I do bungee fitness while I’m pregnan

It’s possible, the inventor Patty cummings Daughter was a test study when she was in her first two terms of pregnancy and we took it slow with stretching and some soft jogging and she did great! BUT always consult with a Dr. first.

Can children do bungee fitness?

Yes! Children need exercise and Astro-Durance gives them a full, fun workout!

Is a bungee workout safe for asthmatics?

Astro-Durance has been used on many clients with asthma and they have had no issues. For precautions and safety, any client with asthma should consult with their doctor before trying any new exercise program, including bungee training. As a safety precaution, Astro-Durance policy is that all clients with asthma must have their inhaler with them at all times when doing bungee services.