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Total Body Bungee Systems
THE FUTURE OF FITNESS from the manufacturer of

For fitness and rehabilitation professionals or home studios 

ASTRO-DURANCE® Total Body Bungee System is a revolutionary full body training system, for fitness and rehabilitation facilities or  personal home use.

Time tested and Studio proven... NO Stress on Joints! 

A 30 minute Astro Bungee Workout 

  • Revs trainees to high cardio within 20 seconds,
  • Burns up to 1200 calories and
  • Leaves metabolism burning for 24 hours!

Visit our studio to try our bungee fitness system in person!

ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungee Studios!

(P2 Personal Training)

324 Nicholas Pkwy W, Suite F

Cape Coral, FL 33991  

1+ (239) 574-4291

Hundreds of studio locations throughout the U.S. and over 12 countries!

Get Hooked on ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungee Fitness Systems!
ASTRO-DURANCE® #BungeeFitness creator, manufacturer & CEO Patty Cummings introduces you to the amazing world of #AstroDurance #BungeeTraining!

Dr. Simon Grinshteyn, M.D. and creator Patty Cummings share the many benefits discovered with the use of ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungee Fitness Systems. 

ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungee Systems is thrilled to announce:

ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada has come to Toronto, Ontario as the only distribution facility to serve Canada!
ASTRO-DURANCE® UK has come to Fakenham, Norfolk as the only distribution facility to serve the United Kingdom!

Get Bungee Trainer Certified

Available via online manual and test

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Astro-Durance Bungee Systems

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13 Feb

Science Behind Low and High Impact Exercise

The Science Behind Low Impact and High Impact Exercise

Science Behind Low and High Impact Exercise image 1

Nowadays, there are so many workouts and fitness trends out there — from hot yoga and indoor cycling, to traditional sports and even our own Bungee Rehabilitation. These exercises can be broken down into two main categories: low impact and high impact. 

In this context, "impact" refers to the effect of your body coming into contact with an object, be it the floor or equipment. So while high impact exercises like running and burpees tend feel more strenuous, low impact moves such as aerobics are less intense. There are even "no impact" workouts like swimming, which don't involve your body coming into contact with any hard surfaces at...

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26 Oct

Fighting Sweet's Syndrome Using AstroDurance

Doctors diagnosed Sherri six months ago with Sweet's Syndrome, an autoinflammatory disease. Sherri was not receiving blood flow to her legs or feet and had open abrasions spreading all over them. 

After using ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungee Fitness System at P2 Personal Training for 30 minutes, doing all G-Force movements, her legs and feet are starting to show signs of her vascular system working. In the video below you will see her veins protruding out in the video......

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20 Aug

Stroke Survivor Breakthroughs Using Bungee Rehabilitation

Stroke Survivor Realizes Breakthroughs

Using Bungee Rehabilitation

ASTRO-DURUANCE® Bungee Fitness System is creating breakthroughs in stroke recovery, just another aspect of their use in the area of bungees for rehabilitation.  #BungeeRehabilitation, or bungee rehab, is growing in uses, as shown in the time lapse video below, by stroke survivor Donna and Patty Cummings, creator of ASTRO-DURANCE Bungee System and owner of AstroDurance Bungee / P2 Personal Training Studios.  Watch the progression of recovery captured over only four weeks’ time, and keep in mind that Donna came to us one year after her stroke.

ASTRO-DURANCE® Rehab Pro is a super safe and customizable system created by us to provide a variety of setups based upon a client’s...

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