Patty Cummings


Patty Cummings is a single mother of four- three sons, (two which are identical twins) one daughter who is married with two daughters of her own. Patty grew up watching her mother open up spas in the early 90’s and loved watching the growth of her mother’s business and seeing many people that was in need of an outlet for stress and healing, during that time Patty helped in the spa industry and created her own cosmetic line and really loved creating color and packaging. 2005 Patty received her cosmetology license, in 2013 Patty became an EMT from learning how to save lives Patty wanted to go further in the Health and fitness industry, Patty became a personal trainer in 2014. Patty moved to Cape Coral with her 3 sons and having a vision of owning her own fitness studio. She networked throughout the community with her personal training skills and seeing how many of her clients were struggling in pain she knew something must help her clients to train with more confidence and less pain on their joints. 2016 that is when Astro-Durance was developed and Patty opened her first studio and Astro-Durance Bungee Fitness was born within that year.

Patty is community oriented and has always participated in any event she can to support charitable fund raisers and local events. She has cross referred businesses and introduced business owners to one another and matched up service providers with individuals needing specific skilled trades. In her own business Patty has offered services at no charge to those who needed them and could not afford them, working with people with rehabilitation issues including cerebral palsy and rehabilitation, including PTSD.

Patty has developed a training program for small business owners that show them how to open their own Bungee Fitness Studio and holds workshops and training classes teaching other entrepreneurs how to open their own Studios since 2017. She developed a complete bungee fitness program for people of all ages, sizes, fitness levels, and those with physical limitations. Patty has devised training manuals and certification through Astro-durance that is designed pacifically for all categories even a person that weighs 480 pounds that covers all aspects of bungee fitness, and build the confidence that they can do this. Astro-Durance Bungee Systems uses and benefits from every aspect of how this type of exercise interacts with the organic way our body is designed to move to how others can perform movements that they couldn’t do without the bungee assistance that gives the user buoyancy and g-force vibrations to help them rev their heart rate in seconds, stretching the muscles, pumping the muscles and achieve a maximized work out in a time span of as little as 10 to 15 minutes! And all with little to no added pressure on the joints.Patty has worked directly with industry and medical professionals to further develop the benefits and uses of the bungee concept with medical professionals such as DANA VAN PELT l Owner Palm Beach Institute of Sports Medicine, Boca Raton, FL and Physical Therapy & Sport Medicine, Clemson University, SC.

Patty Cummings is a strong supporter of our armed forces and promotes our veterans. She developed a non -profit program for veterans titled “G-Force Fitness For Veterans and Guardians” which include all of our first responders and arm service forces such as Police Officers and Fire Fighters. She networked and teamed this program with “Veterans Are Foundation”, a foundation started by Gold Star Mother and Veteran, Susan Price so the program could have a national reach. The veterans program is designed to meet the needs of veterans suffering from PTSD, physical rehabilitation, and general overall health and fitness. The Program offers opportunities for fitness, employment, and ownership.

G-Force Fitness provides therapy sessions for Military Veterans and Guardians (First Responders) – Veterans G-Force Fitness and Guardians G-Force Fitness.

G-Force Bungee Trainer Certification – Veterans and/or Guardians can learn how to become a certified G-Force Bungee Fitness Instructor. 

G-Force Bungee Studio Starter Support is being designed for those with the heart, (intestinal fortitude and skill set), required of an entrepreneur in order to be successful in owning one’s own bungee training studio. You will be provided with guidance on what it takes to open and run a fitness studio.

“They are not just experts, they are the one and only authority on it! With inventor of bungee fitness Patty Cummings on the team, our staff members have been trained by the original bungee trainer.”