At a recent event to support entrepreneurs in Southwest Florida, Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk) gave praises to a new anti-gravity bungee fitness exercise concept developed by Patty Cummings of Cape Coral, Florida. Lou first tried the funny looking concept in 2018 and was in awe of its’ results. Sometimes the simple things are what have…Continue readingTHE HULK SAYS, ASTRO-DURANCE WILL LIFT YOU UP!

Q&A With Dan Solomon

The fitness industry continues to evolve thanks mostly to advancements in training, nutrition and science, but make no mistake about it, at the center of this constant state of evolution are the innovators, the men and women with the courage and the capacity to see what’s truly possible.  During my 20 years in the world…Continue readingQ&A With Dan Solomon

Fighting Sweet’s Syndrome Using AstroDurance

Doctors diagnosed Sherri six months ago with Sweet’s Syndrome, an autoinflammatory disease. Sherri was not receiving blood flow to her legs or feet and had open abrasions spreading all over them.  After using ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungee Fitness System at P2 Personal Training for 30 minutes, doing all G-Force movements, her legs and feet are starting to…Continue readingFighting Sweet’s Syndrome Using AstroDurance

The Science Behind Low Impact and High Impact Exercise

Nowadays, there are so many workouts and fitness trends out there — from hot yoga and indoor cycling, to traditional sports and even our own Bungee Rehabilitation. These exercises can be broken down into two main categories: low impact and high impact.  In this context, “impact” refers to the effect of your body coming into…Continue readingThe Science Behind Low Impact and High Impact Exercise