Fighting Sweet’s Syndrome Using AstroDurance

Doctors diagnosed Sherri six months ago with Sweet’s Syndrome, an autoinflammatory disease. Sherri was not receiving blood flow to her legs or feet and had open abrasions spreading all over them.  After using ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungee Fitness System at P2 Personal Training for 30 minutes, doing all G-Force movements, her legs and feet are starting to…Continue readingFighting Sweet’s Syndrome Using AstroDurance

The Science Behind Low Impact and High Impact Exercise

Nowadays, there are so many workouts and fitness trends out there — from hot yoga and indoor cycling, to traditional sports and even our own Bungee Rehabilitation. These exercises can be broken down into two main categories: low impact and high impact.  In this context, “impact” refers to the effect of your body coming into…Continue readingThe Science Behind Low Impact and High Impact Exercise