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Rehabilitation Bungee


The Rehabilitation Bungee by ASTRO-DURANCETM provides ceiling mounted, motion-based fitness rehabilitation for persons that are "limb different",  have had a stroke,  or are recovering from limb surgery. Resistance needs can vary widely, from 75 to 300 lbs above the clients weight, so please call with your needs so an Astro Hero can serve you.


From the creators of ASTRO-DURANCETM Total Body Bungee Fitness Rehabilitation Systems.    

Rehabilitation  Bungee 
ASTRO-DURANCETM Bungee Systems offer multiple uses for professionals who work with clients with physical limitations or need rehabilitation. Our Rehabilitation Bungee System is designed to meet requirements of those who need extra support for balance and allows those recovering from hip and knee replacements to exercise pain free without adding undue stress on hips, knees, ankles and joints.

Our Luxury Harness has connection loops in the back, front and on the sides that allow even distribution of resistance cord weight to give the client extra support for balance. This unique bungee concept allows the professional to perform a greater range of rehabilitation movements and safe, effective exercise options for people recovering from surgery; stroke; limb different; or wheel chair bound.  Bungee workout regimens can be modified to meet the specific needs of each client and their individual rehabilitation needs. Almost anyone can use ASTRO-DURANCETM Bungee Training Systems regardless of limitations.

Installation is easy. Astro Bungees are easily attached to ceiling anchor mounts or cross fit bar systems to allow even the weakest client to exercise comfortably without risk. Our professionals offer in-house training for those needing extra instruction on hook up options.  
In post-operative recovery, bungee exercise gets the blood and lymphatic systems working to bring oxygen in and out of cells, eliminate waste, and build the immune system as well as strengthen muscles, tone, build core, and help the client gain flexibility and balance.  Burning fat cells is simply a plus!

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Rehabilitation Bungee  includes:

2 - "4 in 1" - (Four 36" Astro Bungees in One Sleeve)

1 - Astro Anchor Ceiling Mount

1 - Astro Luxury Harness

2 - Astro Chain

6 - Astro Carabiners

Note: an extra Astro Anchor can be added if you feel the user needs the extra stability based upon their needs. Using 2 Astro Anchors, placed 7 feet apart, would allow the client to be in the center, with a Bungee System off of each hip creating a V-shape and maximum stability.
Our Luxury Harnesses stretch: Available sizes are;
Extra Small / Small = (70 to 120 lbs)
Small / Medium = (121 to 160 lbs)
Medium / Large (161 to 200 lbs)
Large / X Large = (200 to 320 lbs)
XX Large = (321 to 375 lbs) 


Bungees wear and carabiners get misplaced. Order extra supplies in our Accessories area.

Made in the USA   *  Ships in 3 to 5 business days

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To calculate the bungees needed:

Bungees used in motion-based training stretch and break down over time, so when calculating the appropriate bungee setup for the users weight;
  • Resistance needs can vary widely for clients needing the Rehabilitation Bungee, from 75 to 300 pounds above the clients weight, so please call with your needs so an Astro Hero can serve you.
  • Our standard set holds up to 290 lbs. with 30 lbs. resistance weight. Total 320 lbs. In rehabilitation, clients may need 75 lbs. or more of resistance weight. You can purchase extra 2 and 1’s and 4 in 1’s to meet this need.

Our chart below offers recommendations based upon standard non-rehabilitation needs, but we offer it here as a guide.

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    Bungees must be stored in a clean, dry environment AT ROOM TEMPERATURE. Failing to do so can drastically reduce their lifespan.
    ASTRO-DURANCETM products carry a one year warranty with a $40 replacement fee on bungees. Our products use top of the line high quality bungees, but stretching and G-forces brought by motion-based fitness cause extreme circumstances.
    Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.