D) Rehab Pro 320


Rehab Pro 320


Our Rehab Pro 320 is a specialized and highly stable bungee fitness system, for a person weighing up to 560 pounds*. 


From the creators of ASTRO-DURANCE® Total Body Bungee Fitness Workout Systems.    


Our ASTRO-DURANCE®  Rehabilitation Pro provides increased stability for clients that are overweight, or need rehabilitation due to limb or medical issues. Rehabilitation Pro provides a much more airy, buoyant fitness experience allowing the user to feel completely secure no matter what their “abilities”.

Our Rehab Pro products use a specific number of Astro Bungees hooked to each hip of our luxury harness, as opposed to all bungees hooked to only the rear harness loop. It limits the user’s ability to perform harder moves until they are ready and/or have lost weight, at which time the set-up is easily changed.

Using Rehabilitation Pro we are confident that we can meet anyone’s needs, whether they are limb different, need rehabilitation for medical reasons or are overweight. Working together with your Astro Hero sales agent, we will customize the number of bungees on each hip hook up for the ideal experience for you or your client. Based upon need we will increase or decrease the number of Astro Bungee Systems by adding more 2 in 1s”, “3 in 1s or 4 in 1s evenly to each side.


A 30 minute ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungee Training session provides high cardio that can burn up to 1200 calories while adding no stress to the joints.

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Rehab Pro 320 includes:

4 - "4 in 1" - (Four 36" Astro Bungees in One Sleeve)

2 - Astro Anchor Ceiling Mounts

1 - Astro Luxury Harness

2 - Astro Chains

10 - Astro Carabiners

With the Astro Chain that is included, this system can be attached to ceiling heights from 7’ to 17’ feet high.
If your ceiling height is higher than 17' feet ADD TWO of our Astro Rope Extenders which can be ordered in varying lengths and will accommodate any ceiling height.


Our Luxury Harnesses stretch: Available sizes are; 

Small / Medium = (60 to 130 lbs) works great for a child from 60 lbs and up 
Medium / Large (131 to 180 lbs) 
Large / X Large = (181 to 260 lbs) 
XX Large = (261 to 375 lbs)

Larger sizes can be special ordered. Give us a call!



Bungees wear and carabiners get misplaced. Order extra supplies in our Accessories area

Made in the USA   

U.S. shipments will usually arrive in less than 14 business days

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To calculate the bungees needed:

Bungees used in motion-based training stretch and break down over time, so when calculating the appropriate bungee setup for the users weight; 

  • Allow an additional 20 pounds plus the users weight for anyone doing a vigorous workout to ensure proper stretch for your bungee cords! Vigorous workouts place extra stretch, friction and stress on the bungees. Not allowing for additional weight resistance will shorten the life of your bungees.
  • Allow an additional 30 pounds plus the users weight for users that are overweight, or users that need rehabilitation, are limb different or have debilitating conditions. 

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    Important! Bungees MUST be stored hanging or laying flat in a clean, dry environment AT ROOM TEMPERATURE and out of direct sunlight, hanging from a carabiner OR laying flat. Failing to do so can drastically reduce their lifespan.
    ASTRO-DURANCE® products carry a one year warranty (excluding bungees which are heavy wear, consumable items) with a discounted replacement price on bungees at least 60 days after their purchase. Our products use top of the line high quality bungees, but stretching and G-forces brought by motion-based fitness cause extreme circumstances.
    Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.