Bungee Training Pro 160



Vendor: Astrodurance, LLC

Bungee Training Pro 160


Bungee Training Pro 160 provides ALL of the equipment you need for your own single ASTRO-DURANCETM Total Body Bungee Fitness Workout System installation for a person weighing up to 160 lbs!* 
All of our ASTRO-DURANCETM  Total Body Bungee Training Systems are created for ceiling mounted motion based fitness. 

Bungee Training Pro 160 provides a full body workout in a short amount of time that is MUCH MORE FUN, and still MORE THOROUGH than any workout you have ever experienced!
In a 30 minute Astro Bungee Training session our high cardio motion based bungee workouts can help you or your trainee burn up to 1200 calories while adding no stress to the joints. No joint stress means almost ANYBODY can use our system to get fit regardless of limitations!

Made in the USA

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Our Bungee Training Pro 160 System includes:

To calculate the bungees needed:

add 10 - 45 lbs in addition to the clients weight.

* Total Bungee resistance should be 10 - 45 pounds more than your clients' weight for an average, novice client. For trainees that want strength training, are overweight** OR have injuries that need rehabilitation, resistance should be 60 pounds more than your clients' weight.**
**Unless you already have confirmation of the weight limit on your installation have a professional contractor check it out for you to be sure they can handle motion based fitness of heavier clients.

Ships within 3 to 5 business days!

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