Astro Swivel



allows bungee fitness trainees to perform twirls and versatile workout moves like flying during Astro Bungee fitness training workouts while keeping the bungee system from bunching or twisting which would drastically shorten its life.. 

Astro Swivel is made available for our ASTRO-DURANCETM Total Body Bungee Fitness Training System. It is a high density aluminum alloy mounted onto enclosed stainless steel ball bearings that allow for smooth swiveling that prevents twisting. Both delta rings allow room for up to three carabiners to spread the load and increase versatility.

For moves that require more security and balance, as in working with clients who need extra support due to physical limitations and injuries, it is best to use an Astro Carabiner without the Astro Swivel to hook up the bungee. This will keep the client more stationary and balanced. Note:  Once your client reaches a level of balance, flexibility and control, they will be able to easily use the Astro Swivel.

Astro Swivel is an optional accessory that is not included as a standard item in our Astro Pro Series and Rehabilitation Bungee System packages.

Made in the USA   *  Ships in 3 to 5 business days

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Bungees must be stored in a clean, dry environment AT ROOM TEMPERATURE and out of direct sunlight, hanging from a carabiner OR laying flat. Failing to do so can drastically reduce their lifespan.
ASTRO-DURANCETM products carry a one year warranty with a $40 replacement fee on bungees. Our products use top of the line high quality bungees, but stretching and G-forces brought by motion-based fitness cause extreme circumstances.
Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.