Astro Rope Extender


Astro Rope Extender


is an added accessory for our Astro Bungee Systems to be used for extra high ceiling heights above 17 feet. Our Astro Rope Extension is used in addition to everything that comes in any of our Pro Series or Double Pro series kits. Our Rope Extender can hold up to 1,000 pounds so it is capable of managing any motion based exercise combined with client weight.

As you see in the diagrams below, our Astro Rope Extender connects to our Astro Anchor ceiling mount on top, above any other accessories, followed by the Astro Chain that is included in our kits. Whether your ceiling height is 18 feet or 40 feet order a Rope Extender in the length that works for your installation.

Since the Pro kit with the Astro Chain can handle ASTRO-DURANCETM Bungee Training on ceilings up to 17' feet, the Astro Rope should be ordered by the foot based upon the ceiling height in your facility minus 17 feet.

(be sure to calculate based upon where the Astro Achor will be mounted)

Astro Rope Extender specifics:

  • Available in custom lengths by the foot
  • Metal reinforced loops at each end
  • Maximum weight load 1000 in motion pounds

Made in the USA   

U.S. shipments will usually arrive in less than 14 business days

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Bungees must be stored in a clean, dry environment AT ROOM TEMPERATURE. Failing to do so can drastically reduce their lifespan.
ASTRO-DURANCETM products carry a one year warranty with a $40 replacement fee on bungees. Our products use top of the line high quality bungees, but stretching and G-forces brought by motion-based fitness cause extreme circumstances.
Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.