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Veterans G-Force Fitness by AstroDurance and Veterans Are FoundationGuardians G-Force Fitness by AstroDurance and Veterans Are Foundation

ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungee Systems and the Veterans Are Foundation are proud to be working together to bring G-Force Fitness to our Veterans and Guardians (first responders). Whether you are recovering from a physical injury, surgery, illness, traumatic brain injury or PTSD, a G-Force Bungee Fitness routine will meet you where you are.

Veterans and Guardians can qualify to be sponsored financially by VAF to be able to attend regular ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungee Fitness workouts at one of the locations that VAF and ASTRO-DURANCE® have certified as a G-Force Fitness provider. Currently G-Force Fitness sessions are held at P2 Personal Training in Cape Coral, Florida but more will be official G-Force Fitness Providers will be certified nationwide shortly, with qualified studios listed on our page below. Learn more about how to qualify for assistance below.

G-Force Fitness offers extremely fast cardio results that revs up the metabolism without putting stress on your joints. This rapid increase of activity in circulatory and lymphatic system function allows your body to unleash its healing ability while burning fat at rates that exceed even the most strenuous workout programs. Getting your blood pumping throughout the body works with the lymphatic system, which helps cleanse your body of toxins. It also oxygenates the brain, which enhances brain function and builds the chemicals that are responsible for your confidence and happiness. This has been seen to help our Heroes of Service immensely in their recovery from TBI, PTSD and depression.


There are many physiological benefits received during a good workout. The key element for those recovering from injuries and surgeries is that this motion based fitness method virtually eliminates weight bearing stress related pain (and damage) which allows maximum benefits in the body’s flexibility (range of motion), muscle strength and endurance. In short, it allows you to exercise all muscle groups without gravity-based restrictions.

G-Force Fitness routines will be geared toward your specific needs. A certified G-Force Fitness Bungee System Trainer will assess your needs and help you set achievable goals that can bring you maximum success. G-Force Fitness Bungee System Trainers are only trained and certified by ASTRO-DURANCE®.

Even before the work on your body begins, we will engage your mind and spirit. Trust is key: Deciding to trust this program requires a decision, which wakes up your spirit from the very beginning. We understand that for some individuals, this is would be a victory in itself. For those who stick with the program we are confident that G-Force Fitness can bring extremely positive life change for our worthy veterans and guardians.

To learn more about qualifying for financial aid so you or someone you know can attend G-Force Fitness Sessions, click here. You can check out the other related ASTRO-DURANCE G-Force / Veterans Are Foundation programs while you visit their website.


Official G-Force Fitness Provider Studios

P2 Personal Training in Cape Coral, Florida