Bulk Bungee Packages
Check out our brand new ASTRO-DURANCE® Bulk Bungee System Packages. There are perfect for starter fitness studio's to large gyms! A great selection of our sizes and bungee systems are included to get you started quickly.
6) Astro Starter Package
Astro Starter Package  6 Bungee Fitness Systems! . Includes 6 complete ASTRO-DURANCE® Systems to get your bungee fitness studio started!  ....
12) Astro Pro Package
Astro Pro Package  12 Bungee Fitness Systems! . Includes 12 complete ASTRO-DURANCE® Systems to fill out your mid-sized bungee fitness studio!  . From...
24) Astro All Pro Package
Astro All Pro Package  24 Bungee Fitness Systems! . Includes 24 complete ASTRO-DURANCE® Systems to fill a large bungee fitness studio!  . From the creators...
30) Astro Extreme Pro Package
Astro Extreme Pro Package  30 Bungee Fitness Systems! . Includes 30 complete ASTRO-DURANCE® Systems to fill large bungee fitness studios and gyms with the leader...