Astro Luxury Harness


Astro Luxury Harness

is our custom designed harness created for our ASTRO-DURANCETM Bungee Total Body Bungee Fitness Training System.

Made for comfort while training, our Astro Luxury Harness allows for no more pinching, bruising or pain over boney areas! Our Luxury Harness by ASTRO-DURANCETM is custom designed with extra padding where you need it most – waist, sides, and leg straps, with extra strong safety hook up loops at front, back, and sides for extra support and workout flexibility!

The durable, adjustable waist band allows for a wider size range with a more customized fit and client comfort; comes in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. Choice of front or back hook up design offers flexibility for Ariel moves and dance. Two side hook-ups insure durability and control for people with physical limitations and overweight issues.


Our Luxury Harnesses stretch: Available sizes are;

Small / Medium = (60 to 130 lbs) works great for a child from 60 lbs and up 
Medium / Large (131 to 180 lbs)
Large / X Large = (181 to 260 lbs)
XX Large = (261 to 375 lbs) 

Larger sizes can be special ordered. Give us a call!

Appropriate sizes are available within each Pro series product listing

People weighing over 375 pounds please call ASTRO-DURANCETM to find out how to custom order a harness for you.  Our professionals will instruct you on how to measure for custom fit, cost, and delivery time.  We’re always thinking outside of the box.  

Need more support for rehabilitation?

Check out our NEW Full Body Support Harness

Made in the USA   

U.S. shipments will usually arrive in less than 14 business days

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You can also order complete systems;

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Bungees must be stored in a clean, dry environment AT ROOM TEMPERATURE. Failing to do so can drastically reduce their lifespan.
ASTRO-DURANCETM products carry a one year warranty with a $40 replacement fee on bungees. Our products use top of the line high quality bungees, but stretching and G-forces brought by motion-based fitness cause extreme circumstances.
Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.