Stroke Survivor Breakthroughs Using Bungee Rehabilitation

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Stroke Survivor Realizes Breakthroughs

Using Bungee Rehabilitation

ASTRO-DURUANCE® Bungee Fitness System is creating breakthroughs in stroke recovery, just another aspect of their use in the area of bungees for rehabilitation.  #BungeeRehabilitation, or bungee rehab, is growing in uses, as shown in the time lapse video below, by stroke survivor Donna and Patty Cummings, creator of ASTRO-DURANCE Bungee System and owner of AstroDurance Bungee / P2 Personal Training Studios.  Watch the progression of recovery captured over only four weeks’ time, and keep in mind that Donna came to us one year after her stroke.

ASTRO-DURANCE® Rehab Pro is a super safe and customizable system created by us to provide a variety of setups based upon a client’s condition and special rehabilitation needs. While our Luxury Harness, as used in Donna’s videos, provides multiple hookups on both sides and in the rear we delved even deeper and created a rehabilitation harness for even more upper body support!

Our Full Body Support Harness created by and for ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungee Rehabilitation Systems, as seen in the video below, provides maximum support for bungee training users that need total upper body support. This new harness adds yet one more hookup loop on the mid-back. This will allow up to three Astro Bungees to be hooked up at once, with the rear support being in the middle of their back for maximum support and safety.

ASTRO-DURANCE® is humbled to be able to have taken such a role in assisting people with differences discover that they can indeed do things they thought they would never do again OR had never been able to do before! Now clients can receive the type of muscle rehabilitation that they used to only be able to do in a swimming pool environment while still provided NO PAIN ON JOINTS! 

Rehabilitation professionals and personal trainers’ take note, our Rehab Pro system can actually provide clients more than a pool when considering how much more they can do from this one fitness rehabilitation system.

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