Rehabilitation Pro Products for Physical Limitations

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by Dianne Marshall

REHAB PRO 320, manufactured by ASTRO-DURANCETM – For rehabilitation allows resistance weight for extra support and balance for a large range of users.  Working as a sliding scale weight system, this unit can assist users from any weight from small children up to adults weighing 560 POUNDS!  Simply add the correct number of bungee cords to equal the client’s weight and add extra bungee cords to reach the amount of RESISTANCE WEIGHT needed to support your individualized rehabilitation plan for your client’s motion- based exercise.  (Each individual cord is equal to 40 lbs. of resistance weight) If you are looking for a simplified system that accommodates a wide range of users, the Rehab Pro 320 by ASTRO-DURANCETM will go a long way, just add extra harness sizes and you have a versatile and economical rehabilitation unit.



This set up allows the versatility needed to help users of almost ANY WEIGHT, SIZE, AND PHYSICAL LIMITATION while providing safety, comfort, balance and added support.  

Additional bungee cord systems and single cords can be purchased and added on for users that require more resistance weight for support and balance.  Our Astro Hero sales agents will be happy to customize a system for you and your client!

ASTRO-DURANCETM Bungee Cord Sleeve Systems are available in several colors and are also available in "4 in 1", "3 in 1", and "2 in 1" systems. Single cord units are in a black sleeve. 

We have harnesses in stock that accommodate users up to 375 pounds.  We also custom make harnesses for people who weigh over 375 pounds.   

The ASTRO-DURANCETM Rehabilitation 320 Bungee system is designed to attach to ONE, TWO, OR THREE CEILING ANCHORS.  Three anchor points provide a superior level of total body support for those who cannot support themselves to stand without assistance.  The ASTRO-DURANCETM Bungee System easily adapts to the any fitness level, allowing individualize therapeutic sessions that offer precision motion- based moves that specifically address their need.


WHETHER YOU ARE USING ONE CEILING ANCHOR MOUNT, TWO CEILING ANCHOR MOUNTS, OR THREE CEILING ANCHOR MOUNTS – IT WILL BE THE SAME METHOD TO CONNECT TO EACH CEILING MOUNT AND ASTRO-DURANCETM BUNGEE SYSTEM. The only difference will be that each bungee unit will attach to a separate ceiling mount and spaced six feet apart or custom spaced for rehabilitation.  

For assistance in setting up a rehabilitation unit in your practice please call ASTRO-DURANCETM at 1-877-704-6310 and ask for a sales representative

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