News-Press Shares About the Next Fitness Craze, ASTRO-DURANCE!

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News-Press, part of the USA Today Network, has blessed ASTRO-DURANCETM and P2 Personal Training Bungee Studio’s with a great article entitled, “Cape Coral's Patty Cummings spreads next fitness craze in ASTRO-DURANCETM bungee system.” Written by journalist, and great friend of ASTRO-DURANCETM, Journalist David Dorsey shares about our great growth that is reaching around the world already in our first year in business.

As David Dorsey noted, “This was a vision,” Patty Cummings, creator of ASTRO-DURANCETM said. “I can’t wait to see what happens six months from now because we have so much unfolding.” The video from the News-Press interview is below!

As ASTRO-DURANCETM co-owner Brian Baird shared with David, “Every week I see something new,” Baird said. “We’re seeing a big interest from the medical community. People with different injuries or medical conditions — whether it be a stroke or multiple sclerosis, autistic children. Not only does it help with resistance to muscles, but it’s also actually pretty fun to do. I think that’s what makes it appeal to people.”

ASTRO-DURANCETM Total Body Bungee Fitness System is truly changing lives, as noted by our new partner, fitness expert, founder of MS Fitness Challenge and producer David Lyons.

We are excited for you to enjoy the rest of the News Press article by clicking here
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