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What is Bungee Fitness?

Bungee fitness refers to Astro-Durance Bungee Systems that have been custom designed to meet resistance training needs for almost any size and age person, and to offer a variety of high-end resistance workout options all in one unit providing 40 to 600 pounds of resistance weight – meeting the weight resistance requirements for clients ranging in weight from 40 to 600 pounds and offering them the durability and support they need with safety and comfort.

When you attach yourself to ADBS you can perform your plyometric exercises such as lunges, squats, jumps, flies and almost all plyometric workouts into a bungee workout routine with G-Force movements, it offers you a low-impact exercise easy on your joints.

Bungee Fitness allows the entire body weight to be supported and accelerated during exercise with free anti-gravity or resisted movements making it possible for you to perform more repetitions at a higher speed without pain on your joints.  Why struggle to complete 10 push-ups when you can do 50 at ease with AD Bungee Systems while receiving all of the health benefits? Creating a spring-like bounce, preparing the body for optimized counter movements while minimizing impact on joints and reducing injury risk. The spring-like bounce teaches you how to distribute G-force movements, move efficiently, refine your reaction when contacting the ground and smooth out transitions between movements, enhancing body awareness, balance, coordination, muscle stretching, control of movement and speed. You feel super human and it’s fun!

Benefits Of Bungee Fitness Cardio Exercise

The bad thing is many people cannot do 30 fast paced minutes due to past injuries, poor health, excessive weight or joint problems. Bungee training is a low body impact, motion-based workout. Bungee fitness allows clients to maximize their cardio in minutes!

  1. Increased oxygenation
  2. Improve fitness level and stamina
  3. Improve heart function
  4. Decrease plaque in your arteries
  5. Decrease risk of Type II diabetes
  6. Weight loss
  7. Improve immune function
  8. Improves lung function and healthy breathing

What Can Astro-Durance Cardio Do For You?

  • Our Bungee Exercise gets the blood circulating in the brain in minutes with low body impact on the joints.
  • This means more oxygen and with that you get more brain power as well as brawn.
  • Depending on the level of performance output, in as little as one to four minutes of bungee training your brain will receive the oxygen and nutrients it needs.

When your cardio is revved it floods the brain with chemicals that enhance functions such as:

  1. Memory
  2. Problem solving
  3. Decision making

How Does Bungee Fitness Work?

It has been found that Cardiovascular health is more important than any other single factor in preserving and improving learning and memory. A cardio workout for the brain is just as important as a workout for your heart. Cardio workout is also proven to lower stress levels and allow you to be more alert.

 When you break a sweat from muscle action extra blood drenches your brain cells in oxygen and glucose which are needed for brain function. The more the brain gets the better it functions!

At the same time hormones rush to the brain and mix with a chemical called “BDNF” brain-derived neurotrophic factor. BDNF plays a vital role in:

  • Brain cell growth
  • Mood regulation
  • Learning

Without BDNF our brains can’t take in new information or make new cells.

Create Key Hormones

  • Serotonin, which boosts our mood
  • Dopamine, which affects movement and emotional responses
  • Norepinephrine, which influences attention, perception, motivation, and arousal.

All this just from a good cardio workout on a regular basis definitely puts Astro-durance in the brain bulker category that will bulk up your hippocampus (the part of the brain that controls memory and learning).

What is G-Force?

G-Force is not a fundamental force that can be measured with an accelerometer. In the case we are describing as a result of use in exercise, the g-force accelerations indirectly produce weight, therefore, any g-force can be described as a “weight per unit mass”. When the g-force acceleration is produced by the surface of one object being pushed by the surface of another object, the reaction force to this push produces an equal and opposite weight for every unit of an object’s mass, in our case and use the mass is a person. It is the same type of g-force acceleration caused of an object’s acceleration in relation to free fall. The types of forces involved are what cause the rapid increase in blood and lymphatic flow and revs the cardio in seconds. As it applies in objects G-Forces are transmitted through objects by interior mechanical stresses, in our case a bungee supported person receives gentle G-Force pressures from free fall movements that can be controlled by the user by stopping at any time. The result is a revved blood and lymphatic flow that continues a cycle like that found in any artificial stimulation such as what is used in a traditional spa inch loss wrap. However, on the Astro-Durance Bungee System it is all “organic”. It is helping the body to do what it does naturally through exercise by allowing the body to move fast enough to achieve it. All with no added pressure on the joints and pain free.

Patty Cummings, the innovator of this training concept calls it “MOTION-BASED EXERCISE”. It allows the person to exercise in proper form giving all the muscles and fascia tissue in the body a good stretch while revving the Cardio fast sending the blood and lymphatic system throughout the body getting oxygen to cells and to the brain. When this happens the oxygen mixes with a chemical called “BDNF” brain-derived neurotrophic factor that plays a vital role in brain cell growth, mood regulation, learning and producing key hormones like Serotonin, which boosts our mood; Dopamine, which affects movement and emotional responses; Norepinephrine, which influences attention, perception, motivation, and arousal, along with other beneficial chemicals that produce antioxidants like glutathione.

It’s extreme cardio for everyone. Cardio can now be revved in seconds while even those with physical limitations can rev it up in minutes and benefit from a well oxygenated body and exercise. From kids to people in their 90’s, no persons’ size is too large to keep them from benefiting from Astro-Durance Bungee Exercise. The system is designed to accommodate any weight.

Bungee workout is amongst the latest fitness craze these days that will blow your mind, it has become astronomically huge.

Patty Cummings in 2016 invented Bungee Fitness in Cape Coral, Florida. Below is a picture of Patty testing her first AD prototype in 2016 during construction but that didn’t stop Patty and her contractor from testing the product.

The contractor “Mike” still helps Patty with her AD Bungee studio build outs to this day.